With days getting longer, now is the time for some new beetroot recipe inspiration to put a zing into spring! Why not try some of our incredible beetroot salad recipes or make some dips like beetroot hummus to cure your hunger? And you could go all out and have some steak and infused beetroot sandwiches, or fill your pitta with infused beetroot to go with your kebabs, grilled halloumi or veg protein.

Beetroot is such a versatile vegetable, packing a powerful and nutritional punch, with a delicious and distinctive depth of flavour. Try the dipped and infused beetroot as a snack straight from the fridge… but be warned: it’s addictive!


It’s no secret that I always keep vacpac cooked beetroot and feta cheese in my fridge at all times. They have saved me from going hungry on many occasions.


Sabrina Ghayour in Simply